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How Royal Enfield workers in an underground factory at Westwood Quarry were repeatedly exposed to an opportunistic pathogen in the early 1950s;

How members of the public travelling on a regular railway train on the Salisbury-Exeter line were sprayed with live bacteria by Porton scientists while travelling through a tunnel;

How the city of Salisbury was 'attacked' during August of 1960 with large amounts of a cadmium compound:

How Porton scientists conducted the large, and now infamous, series of experiments - known as the Lyme Bay Trials. These latter experiments exposed millions of UK residents to massive aerosols of live bacteria (E.coli and Bacillus subtilis) during the years 1963-1975

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Further Lyme Bay Trials, during which Porton scientists repeatedly sprayed massive amounts of live bacteria (E.coli MRE 162 and Bacillus subtilis) across Southern England;

The mysterious 'dual-use' Biological Warfare research aircraft (Canberra WV787, aka 'The Icing Tanker Aircraft');

The previously unknown series of releases of live bacteria across Southern England, which were conducted during demonstrations for the UK Military in 1968;

The joint UK and USA germ warfare detection experiments, conduct ed in South Dorset during 1971;

A previously unknown series of joint UK and USA germ warfare detection experiments, which were conducted in South Dorset during 1975 (the DICE Trials).

The programme also contains a remarkable interview with Professor Brian Spratt FRS, who in 1999 was commisioned by the UK Ministry of Defence to conduct an Independent Review of the Lyme Bay Trials (renamed in 1997 by Porton as the Dorset Defence Trials). During the interview Prof. Spratt is astonished to learn that the MOD kept the existence of both the 1968 military demonstration experiments, and the 19 75 joint UK/USA germ warfare detection experiments (the DICE Trials) from his investigation.

The programme reveals that limited public area BW experiments, such as those conducted at Royal Mail Sorting Offices at Nottingham, Sheffield and London during November 2001, continue to be carried out.

Indeed, in 1999 Porton admitted that UK Government Ministers refused to rule out conducting larger scale public area experiments in the future.

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